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Katrina Tod

Praise the Lord, I would like to Thank all of you ladies for taking time out of your busy schedules to empowerer us. To God be the Glory and keep doing what you do for the Kingdom.


DO you just get the newspapers for coupons? and what do you think about coupon sites where you can buy them in large quantities? thank you, phone died :(


How far in advance do you need an invite to speak at a workshop?

Adrienne Gordon

You should really consider creating a bundle of these sessions for sale. Wow...just so RHEMA!!!

Deborah Crump

I registered for this seminar but was not home at the start time of the conference call. Is there another way to receive the call. Thank you.


recording will be availbe in the morning.

Felicia Smith

I just want to thank these women of God for putting this together. Each individual brought forth such a word and I wept because I wasn't going to call in due to other issues but I praise God that I was able to receive what was brought forth. May God bless you all for taking the time out to speak with us on today.

Elder Jean Bonds

We had a great night of learning from some Awesome teachers...Thank-You Jocelyn....Blessings !!

Cherri Johnson

I registered for this call, but could not make the time, is it available to listen to later?

Lorenda Reese

Minister Fran Harris are the classes available online for 30week study?

Elder Jean Bonds

The lesson was great, but one thing that stood out in my mind was--do a heart check everyday !! I'm in an Faith walk Daily, so in other words; I need to do a heart check Daily ! Thank-You !

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